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We provide Residential, Commercial & Industrial Cleaning Services to all areas of Dublin, Meath, Kildare, and Louth.

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Frequent questions

Gutters are an integral part of your homes well-being. Clogged gutters can impede the flow of rainwater which in turn can cause damage to your property including internal damp, this could lead to costly repair bills.

We recommend your gutters are cleaned once a year at a minimum and also as required (after heavy rain/bad weather etc.).

The tiles on your roof are a food source for moss and algae. The longer this remains on the roof the more damage it will cause to the tiles which can result in internal damage to your property leading to expensive repair bills. 

We would never power wash a roof as the power in the equipment could potentially cause damage to the tiles. At Balbriggan Complete Cleaning we use specialised scraping equipment which provides the same service with no lasting damage to either your property or any adjoining properties.

Yes we are fully insured for all aspects of cleaning and property maintenance. You can rest assured you are fully covered and we can provide or show our insurance details if required.

At Balbriggan Complete Cleaning we are a local company which prides ourselves on delivering an excellent customer service.

We use a purified water system which is built into our vans which de-ionises the water to remove all minerals i.e. calcium etc.

This is fed through a water fed pole with specialised brushes. The end result is clear and shiny windows with no streaks or water marks. 

Yes our reach and wash system allows us to reach otherwise difficult or inaccessible areas from the ground level.